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Voyadore's Story

Voyadore® Ltd creates beautiful gift and homeware in New Zealand. Every product is designed and created in-house to exacting standards.

Voyadore's designs blend the founders' adoration of voyages and antique imagery with Voyadore's original art.

Voyadore's logo symbolises an idyllic voyage starting from an ancient volcano, the Waitakere Ranges in New Zealand.

Voyadore specialises in supplying wholesale quantities to approved retailers and distributors.

Why Voyadore?

  • Every product designed and created in New Zealand to exacting standards
  • High quality, well tested products;
  • Products rapidly made to order
  • Proven sales history in prestigious retailers
  • Unique market tested designs, many inspired by New Zealand
  • Wide variety of designs, which enables unique retail displays
  • High brand awareness supported by Voyadore’s website, Instagram and Facebook
  • Stylish environmentally friendly packaging
  • Wholesale discounts for approved retailers