Bottle Opener: The Giant Pacific Octopus (Stainless Steel)

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Bottle Opener: The Giant Pacific Octopus (Stainless Steel)

High quality, polished stainless steel bottle opener.
The design blends antique imagery with our artwork. Discover delightful details.
Two of the world's largest octopus species are found around New Zealand.
According to Maori legend, a giant octopus led the navigator Kupe to New Zealand.
In the olden days, European sailors feared colossal octopuses. The legendary Kraken was said to burst up like a floating island, spurting water from dreadful nostrils and making ring waves reaching many miles.

The finer details:

  • Durable polished stainless steel.
  • Proven design. Based on classic German bartender's bottle opener.
  • Easy to use. Plenty of leverage.
  • Easy to store. Hole for hanging up or lanyarding to a belt
  • Perfect for kitchen, bar, restaurant, boat etc.
  • 180mm x 40mm. 75g.

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